Shipping details

In my first post I would like to give some details about the shipping of the CO2 Dual Beam Devices.

As of 17.09 i started shipping them, though i cannot send more than 10 per day, as this takes almost 40 minutes in the post office. Anyway i hope that until Wedensday i will have sent all of the devices. Once you receive them – just install Drivers and then the Chrome App to configure it.

I’ve done whatever possible to make sure that it all works out-of-the box, yet past experience shows that this is not always true. For those cases feel free to contact me via e-mail ( All parts of the device are replaceable and i made sure that everything is connected with jumper wires and fastened with bolts. (unlike some previous devices which where soldered and glued and i needed to have the device sent back, just to resolder something)

Also feel free to use the forum:, to post general questions about setup and experience as well as feature requests.

Last but not least – once you get your device – if you like it – feel free to share it your friends – now that i’ve tuned the pipleline i am ready to scale 🙂

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