vThing – Device Configuration Tool v8.0

In the past weeks i’ve spent lots of efforts in bringing the Chrome Configuration Tool to the next level. This involved lot’s of changes in the UI as well as changes in the firmware of the device so that both can communicate more efficiently. Both the tool and the firmware are automatically updated, so you do not need to do anything. And in addition the new Tool is also compatible with the old firmwares.

The most notable change is the rearrangement of all the supported platforms in tree instead of tabs:


Beneath, the whole logic of the tool has been refactored as it had slowly outgrown my capabilities to maintain it. Now, while it can be clearly seen that i am not too skillfull with UIs – it is much more simple to change it and enhance it.

Also lot’s of features have been added that I have to yet describe and made configurable. But few of them:

  • Temperature correction Offset
  • Inbound Commands via
    • Web Server
    • MQTT
    • Dweet.io
  • GPIO control
  • 0.96″ OLED
  • Events for various stuff in the firmware
  • LED Control
  • Button functions
  • Dust Sensor configuration
  • ….

Over the next weeks i will be publishing details for all of those features.

Here are some additional images of how the configuration for the different platforms looks like:











Generic HTTP:


Generic MQTT:




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    1. Aaahhh, i didn’t realize that the images are not included as thumbnails to the larger images, thanks!
      I increased a bit the size, but i yet have to see how i can include small thumbnails

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