Creating an Online Dashboard using Beebotte

In this post I will walk you through creating a beautiful dashboard using Beebotte in just a couple of minutes.

This is an online service that collects data from devices and allows you to create Public or Private dashboards. The free plan allows you to post and persist 5000 values per day. (One device sending 1 value each 2 minutes will generate 720 values per day). So for starting out it is quite capable.

1. Create Account

If you do not yet own an account at Beebotte – create one and login

2. Create Channel

Go to “Home” tab and Create a New Channel

3. Add Resource

Add a resource to the channel named “co2” of type “number“. (You can use any name and type depending on your scenario of course)

4. Get Channel Details

After you do – go to the Channel Details and you should see this screen. The important entries are the Channel Name (CO2Monitor in this case) and Channel Token (148…. in this example)

5. Configure Device

Launch the Chrome App vThings – Device Configuration Tool, and go to Public Services -> Beebotte. Provide the Channel Name, Channel Token and the Resource Name in the corresponding box. (in case you defined multiple resources (e.g. Temperature, Dust, etc…) – you can add the corresponding names here.

Save the configuration by clicking the [Save] button.

Test it by clicking the [Test] button on the top.

You should see no error in the vAir Output panel, and after you update the channel page, you should see the new value


6. Create Dashboard

Go to “My Dashboard” and create a new dashboard by clicking the [Create Dashboard] button


Add a Timeline widget, and select data data source on the bottom (e.g. ChannelCO2 Monitor, Resourceco2)


Make your chart public (if you like, else you would need to login from time to time when you open the page)



Get a beautiful dashboard on your mobile phone!



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