WiFi Configuration

As of firmware build 20170123, the vESPrino Firmware (and thus the vThings devices) do support WiFi only configuration. The process is as follows:


  1. If you power on the device and it cannot connect to the stored WiFi or there is no stored WiFi it will start an access point named vAirMonitor_<ID> and the LED will shine Blue
  2. Connect to this endpoint and open or any other http:// based url, e.g. http://xxx.com – will redirect to the former
  3. Find your WiFi network and store it.
  4. LED will blink 3x Blue when it connects and then 3x Blue/Green when configuration is stored and the Access Point is stopped
  5. Then the device will reboot. Led will be Lila, and once WiFi connects – it will again blink 3xBlue
  6. Then connect to your home network and open http://config.vair-monitor.com.
  7. Press Auto Connect – the page uses Web Sockets and Local Network communication to browse all devices on the network and see if port 8266 is open. Then it connects. This way your device is not exposed to the Internet.
  8. Once the device shuts down the Lila LED you can no longer connect as it is in Continuous Operation Mode. You need to reboot it.
  9. If you like to be able to always connect to it, you need to go to tab “vESPrino” and then in “Go To Sleep(sec)” enter 0 and save it. This may have impact on temperature measurements.

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