Device Types

There are 3 major device types. Each of them has different capabilities and may need to be configured in a different way. This page describes them all and links to further details for either of them

led_oled The Original / Consumer vAir – Monitor

Capabilities: LED Gauge, OLED Display, Wifi, Analog CO2 Sensor, NDIR Single Beam CO2 Sensor

Configuration Tool: vThings Configuration Utility (Chrome App)


First Steps:

vthings-co2-monitor_small CO2 Single Beam Sensor for Home Automation integration

Capabilities: NDIR Single Beam CO2 Sensor, Wifi

Configuration Tool: vThings Configuration Utility (Chrome App)


dual_600 CO2 Dual Beam / Dust / Temperature for Home Automation Integration

Capabilities: NDIR Dual Beam CO2 Sensor (5/10k/ low power), Dust Sensor, Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, Wifi, RF (433/315), RGB LED, Button

Configuration Tool: vThings – Dual Beam Configuration Utility (Chrome App)


Forum for discussions and troubleshooting: click here

Notes (please take a look on them):

  • Auto Firmware update – On Power on or after the initial Wifi setup, the device performs automatically firmware update. If there is new FW, the LED will turn bright Red (Red) for ~30 seconds. Do not power if off during this time (you won’t brick it if you do, but there is a chance you may need to flash the fw via command line after that)
  • LED Indication – It lights dim Violet(Violet) after start and turns off after 3 minutes. Other functions: discuss here
  • RF Connectivity – by default it is OFF, you need to enable it from the config utility (if your device supports it). Also discuss it here