vThings 2016 Holiday Gift Guide


With Christmas just around the corner, it is time for the 2016 vThings Gift Guide. There are nice gift ideas for everyone and prices from as low as 15€ to 140€ for the premium devices.

Whenever you want to monitor CO2, Dust, Temperature, Humidity or Light over WiFi or RF- you are on the right spot.

All of the devices are based on the latest version on the vESPrino firmware with the following capabilities:

  • Communication via HTTP or MQTT to remote servers or RF433/315 Mhz to some local RFX Receiver
  • Simple configuration via the Chrome App to most of the popular Cloud and On-Premise Services for IoT and Home Automation (Beebotte, Dweet.io, EmonCMS, Thingspeak, Ubidots, DomotiGa, DomoticZ, FHEM, Homeseer, HomeAssistant, JeeDom, OpenHAB, Pimatic, (and some other in the roadmap)
  • Mobile Dashboard via Blynk.cc
  • All 2016 devices are USB Powered, but play well with USB Powerbanks (e.g. consuming 0 mA in sleep mode not letting them go to sleep as some do)

The Holiday Promotion is also on with Free Shipping on all orders and 3%-8% discounts. Don’t forget to grab a matching promo-code from here.

So let’s get started!


Below 20€

In this price category there are the newest family members – the “vThings – WiFi LUX Meter” and the “vThings – WiFi Thermometer”


vThings – WiFi LUX Meter

Comes handy if you like to control your blinds based on available sunlight. There are two options:

  • 1-120,000 LUX (BH1750)
    • Price: 15€
    • Measures direct sinlight w/o getting saturated
  • 0.01 – 40,000 LUX (TSL2561)
    • Price: 18€
    • Measures low light and IR light, but saturates under direct sunlight


vairmon-tempvThings – WiFi Thermometer

Just the right thing to have in every room! Can measure Temperature, Humidity and Pressure. The 2016 version is USB Powered, but goal is to get a battery upgrade next year, and easily transfer the internals of your existing devices there. There are two options:

  •  Temperature / Humidity (SI7021 sensor)
    • Price: 17€
    • The SI7021 is an ultra-precise sensor delivering +/- 0.3° Temperature Accuracy
  • Temperature / Humidity / Pressure (BME280)
    • Price: 20€
    • Temperature accuracy is +/- 0.5°, but measures also Pressure

60€ – 70€

This price range features two quite capable devices that could be a dream come-through for everybody seeking to improve their health and well-being.

head-img-simplevThings – CO2 Monitor (Single beam)

This CO2 Monitor is based on the classic CM1106 sensor. It offers solid performance at an attractive price.

  • Accuracy: ±100ppm @ 1000ppm (±(50 ppm +5% of reading))
  • Calibration: automatic (lowest CO2 level of each 3 days is 400 ppm)
  • Can optionally be extended with Temperature Sensors or RF433 Mhz

Note: Sensor may show lower results in case the indoor CO2 does not drop to 400 ppm (e.g. 7-8 hours in an unoccupied house)

vThings – Dust Monitor

Monitors PM2.5 and PM10 dust and reports in μgr/m³ using a Laser Dust sensor for maximum accuracy. Sadly dust pollution during the winter months peaks everywhere. There is not a simple fix as with CO2, but knowing it may help you get a better decision where to spend your free time


85 – 100€

large-top_crvThings – CO2 Monitor (Dual Beam)

This special version of the CO2 Monitor uses the Figaro CDM7160 sensor that is factory calibrated and does not need fresh air to operate. This is the right solution when the house is populated most of the time or you want to measure CO2 in some plant grow-house.

  • Accuracy: ±80ppm @ 1000ppm (±(50 ppm +3% of reading))
  • Calibration: pre-calibrated


Above 120€

This high-end category is for devices that can measure Dust, CO2 and Temperature. They look the same as the vThings – CO2 Monitor, just come with more sensors

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