Shipping temporarily on hold

In the past couple of months i am having less and less time to assemble devices and work on the firmware. This is why i decided to temporarily put the new product delivery on hold. It is a bit sad, after spending more than 7000 hours in the topic.

On one side, we got a new family member, who takes most of my free time 🙂

On the other, there are new technologies like cryptocurrencies, which are now getting my remaining free time.

So while you can trade Bitcoins, while pushing the stroller or holding the baby, you can’t write firmware or assemble devices:)

The dramatic difference between the potential return on investment of both topics is also not to underestimate 🙂

So i assume that within 3-4 months i will have more free time, so that i could resume building the devices. But until then – i will take a break.

Once i have more updates, i will post to the facebook page

Or here in the blog.

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